Leeftail Co x PBR - Limited Edition Art Cans

We've been drinking it for years, so we've had time to do our research.

Thanks to a long history working with the brand, PBR gave us the opportunity to place our fingerprint on the iconic Americana beer can. We jumped at the opportunity.

After an introduction by former PBR Art Can Artist & Leeftail friend Jeff Blackburn, we landed on a husband / wife graffiti couple who offered a rich story to accompany their captivating art.


Bruno Smoky & Shalak Attack are street artist living in Toronto, but holding strong roots to South America. The intriguing story of this Bonnie & Clyde couple, travelling the world and leaving their mark (in vibrant colours) on walls wherever they go, gave the campaign a vibe unachievable if we were to showcase 2 individual artists.

The campaign was a 2 phase program. The first phase introduced Bruno Smoky and his 'Raccoon' design. We were so excited when this design came in, as the raccoon is so iconic to urban culture and a symbol of those who pass through the paint filled alleys at night.


The second phase was all about Shalak Attack and her iconic 'Owl' rendition. This piece is so impressive. Especially given the limitations put on Shalak to work within 3 colours, due to the can printing process. She typically uses many vibrant colours to bring her murals to life. This is seen when we unleashed her on a blank wall during the content capture process.


Once designed, we teamed up with creative visionaries at Pique to develop short content pieces to showcase the artists behind the design.

This was a proud and fulfilling project for the Leeftail team, and are excited to unveil the next chapter in this project early in 2018.

PBR Art Can Wide Mural - Wide-1.jpg

Steve Goldby