Local by Leeftail

We feel that embracing the pride in one's craft is the single most important characteristic that defines LxL. If you believe in it (and we believe in it) there should be no reason that success is not achieved. Personal interaction and local collaboration are ideals that are at the heart of Local by Leeftail.

Born with the over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry and the spirit of small-town kids who love to support the people down the street, Local by Leeftail Co. brings together the best brands currently designed and made in Canada.


Our Local Brands

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Eleven Thirty

Brockton Village,

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Mile X,


Tuck Shop
Trading Co.

Summerhill, Toronto


Our Local Rep


Lesley Campbell

Partner, Local by Leeftail

Born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Lesley Campbell knows there’s nothing better than getting to know the people behind the food you eat, the stores you shop, and the clothes you wear.

From retail associate to brand representative to wholesale manager to business owner, Lesley has worn a lot of hats (and other accessories) in her 10 years working in the fashion industry. She brings her passion for quality locally sourced goods, strong interpersonal relationships, and of course, fashion to Local by Leeftail Co.

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