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Lifestyle Marketing Rep

Date Posted: Nov. 15, 2017

Application Deadline: December 1, 2017

Reports directly to:
Partner, Marketing & Business Development

Location: Toronto, ON

1 Year Contract

Job Description

Leeftail Co. is a boutique Brand Representation Agency, specializing in Sales & Marketing solutions for Lifestyle driven brands. With a focus on lifestyle-fashion & beverage-alcohol, we offer a unique workplace with lots of growth potential, working on exciting brands.

The duties of the Lifestyle Marketing Rep would be to work alongside the marketing team at Leeftail Co. and with client teams on all aspects of client operations that are responsible by Leeftail. The Lifestyle Marketing Rep will be responsible for acting on behalf of agency and client, and for any provided services such as Product Sampling, Relationship Development, Sponsorships & Partnerships, Brand Collaborations, Content Generation, and any other services deemed necessary for the successful execution of program.

Due to the nature of this role & the client, the ideal Lifestyle Marketing Rep would be knowledgeable and even involved with various aspects of campus culture. Additionally, they should be able to quickly analyze current situations and provide input to immediately take ownership of the program.

See full job description here.