About Leeftail Co.

Leeftail Co. was born in 2015 out of a desire to offer a better agency experience for brands. In our opinion, a lack of trust had developed in some of the Brand / Agency relationships we experienced and we were not aligned to continue in that direction. We put a strong emphasis on identity and community development, understanding that we were not a service offered, but rather, part of a culture that benefits and grows our brands.

Today, Leeftail Co. is a multi-faceted brand representation agency specialized in working with lifestyle driven brands. What makes Leeftail effective is that our agency is structured with a one-two punch. 

Our sales team dedicates their time to the development of some of the top lifestyle fashion brands currently in market. Working closely with both independent and major retailers on a daily basis, they develop relationships that offer quality brands an opportunity to succeed.

The marketing department at Leeftail Co. operates as an extension and trusted member of our clients' marketing teams. With a focus on social media, content development and lifestyle marketing, Leeftail Co. has helped many of your local bar offerings develop a strong presence, and the proper messaging to accompany it.

The unique structure of Leeftail Co. has allowed us to complete our goal of offering our brands an unparalleled experience during a time when we feel a new experience is not only desired, but required.


Seeing is believing.

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